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City of Aveiro


The hotel is located on the right bank of the Canal Centra l next to Joaquim Melo Freitas Square , one of the most emblematic squares of the city where stands the monument honoring the Martyrs of Liberty.

A must stop in the city of Aveiro , both for the architectural and historical side as for the lively atmosphere in the streets. This neighborhood has been reinvented and renovated over the years concentrating here the restaurants, shops with typical products, terraces and spaces of nocturnal animation. This is where the Fish Market has been located since 1910.

It is around this area and from the houses where you can taste the delicious soft eggs, which join the Art Nouveau buildings (beginning of the 20th century) such as the Art Nouveau Museum and the Tea House , clear symbols of how the city has been receptive to innovation and modernity. They are buildings that impress elegance and harmony in the city, tracing the landscape with wrought iron, articulated stone, carved and symmetrical windows, which support the geometry of Aveiro.


Owner of a varied fauna and flora, the Ria de Aveiro is considered one of the most extraordinary accidents of our continental coast, being also one of the most extensive Portuguese wetlands, as well as a vast and complex lagoon ecosystem of remarkable and recognized importance.

It is a place of extraordinary biodiversity and biological renewal, being one of the most productive in the world, contributing to the regulation of the tides, the renovation of sediments and pollutants and providing essential conditions for the habitat of waterfowl, fish and other species.

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